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Sunday, December 16th, 2018
Ready to run truck for under $100 bucks!!! Reedys hottest new Speed controller, the Blackbox 1000z+ The Hot new Motiv motors are in stock now! 110c of pure awesome!!!
You want the biggest and baddest?  This is it!!! :) 100c and 7.6v!!!  Get one today! Best price on these racer/collectables! HOT and just announced, get your TC7 on order TODAY!
Mounted and ready to use! HOT and in stock! Tekins hot Gen 3 motor in the sweet RPM version! Losi's Hottest and newest E-buggy
One pack, get rid of your saddle packs! Everything you need to make it run is in the box. SUPER COOL!  check out the new D216 Buggy Xrays hottest newest 2wd buggy, the 2016!  Get yours today!

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